Disadvantages Of Horse Riding For Females – How Safe Is It?

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If there is one thing that a girl loves, it is sitting on the back of a horse, with her wind in the air, as it gallops with her all the way. 

And you are one of them, aren’t you? That is only obvious because you are now on this page with a big question on your mind. 

What are the disadvantages of horse riding for females? 

Somebody probably told you things that began to scare you. While it is true that you need to be careful when riding a horse as a female, the sport is not altogether harmful, and if you are still in doubt, then read on to have a better look. 

What Are the Side Effects Of Horse Riding?

Disadvantages Of Horse Riding For Females. An image of a woman presenting her hat to a horse.

Like everything else that we have today, horseback riding comes with its side effects, which, if not looked into, can become a dangerous thing. 

For one, you can fall off the horse. That is always there. And then, if you are not trained to sit on the horse in the right posture, there are the more serious side effects that you would have to face, like a host of musculoskeletal problems where your joints and muscles could wear out. 

So, learn to ride a horse, for this is why you have professionals out there to assist you with all the advice and tips that you can learn till you can confidently mount the horse and start riding anywhere. 

What Are the Disadvantages Of Horse Riding For Females?

These are not disadvantages but just some key signs that perhaps horse riding is not the kind of hobby for you. So, look at each one by one, and in the end, you can decide if horse riding is meant for you.

  • Social Life – If you are the kind that loves making friends and hanging around people, then you aren’t the cowgirl meant to spend time with horses, and horse riding is not a hobby for you.
  • Self-Esteem – If you are determined to be a good rider, get ready for a lot of people to appreciate you and a lot more to judge you. We live in a judgemental world, don’t we? Sadly true!
  • Injuries – If a cut or two will scare you, then horseback riding is not for you as this is going to give you a lot more and some serious ones too. 
  • Bullying – We still live in a world where women will sometimes have to fight their way through, and this is true even in the field of horse riding, so be ready for that too. 
  • Money – Horseback riding is an expensive sport. Man can afford it, and if you have a good salary, you can too. 
  • Mental Health – Women are emotional about everything, horses too, and this could affect you, like all the doubts you had about your periods bothering your horse earlier. 

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Does Horse Riding Affect Females?

Well, it does not affect the entire female body, but it does affect the pelvis, giving a female enough reason to worry. 

However, this mainly depends upon the speed at which the woman is riding. That means the faster you ride, the more intense will be your pelvic movements, which is not always a good thing. 

This could, in turn, affect a woman’s sexual functioning. So, as a woman on a horse, speed is not a very good thing, and it can be dangerous for you too.

Remember that you have nowhere to go, so don’t zoom in as you do on the roads. Go slow! 

Does Horse Riding Affect Female Fertility?

Disadvantages Of Horse Riding For Females. A woman riding a horse while surrounded by a group of people.

Just one more thing before you go. Don’t ride a horse when you are pregnant. You were not about to do that, were you? 

While there are many theories about how it’s good for your mental health, the advice for you is that there are many other activities that you can consider for your mental health. 

Strikeout horseback riding and do not include it with them. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the harmless first trimester or second or third with a big bump and in need of something for your mental health. 

The concern here is that if the horse drops you down, it’s not going to be good for the little one or his mental health. 

It doesn’t matter how good you are at balancing and how you are wearing all the right gear. Stop being stubborn, won’t you? And get out of all that gear. 

Why Do Girls Like To Ride Horses? 

The answer is that girls are emotional, and there is something about galloping on a horse that lets you drown your thoughts as you ride all day. 

Horse riding helps you dream and imagine, which is why it is a girl’s favorite thing. 

And since girls are emotional, there is a chance of sharing a greater sentiment with their horse, which will only stir their passion day by day. 

At What Age Is It Safe For A Girl To Ride A Horse?

Some girls mount on one when they are only two years of age, but you don’t do that, for these could be ones grown up around horses. 

You, on the other hand, make sure that you attend your horse riding classes. It doesn’t matter what your age is. What is important is that you are regular to the classes, girl rider!

Why Does My Pee Burn After Horse Riding?

Okay, so if you’re facing that. The reason could be an infection in the urethra, leading to a kind of bruising or irritation that is causing your pee to burn in the process of horse riding. 

This is the result of the friction that comes from riding the horse. The solution. The same is mentioned somewhere above. As a woman, avoid racing on a horse unless you are okay with taking these chances on your health. 

Slow riding is equally enjoyable. Go slow. 

Is Horse Riding Good For Periods?

An image of a woman kissing a horse.

If you are a woman reading this, chances are you already know the answer to that unless you are one of those blessed few who have never experienced a menstrual cramp. 

But if you belong to the rest of the group, then you can only imagine what it is to have your periods and be on a galloping horse’s back. 

For one, the poor horse may not know why you are being so cracky, but apart from that, there is nothing wrong with riding a horse when you are having your periods.

That said, if you are feeling brave, then go ahead. Horse riding won’t do anything to your cycle, as there is no connection between this and that. 

Make sure that you are carrying your hot water bottle, the milk painkiller you take, and most importantly, not doing any intensive training. 

While a little physical activity can reduce the inflammation that you feel, remember that on these days, you have limited strength.

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Can You Wear Pads While Horse Riding? 

Do you mean sanitary pads when you have periods? How else are you going to keep your clothes from getting stained when you are bleeding?

Yes, you can wear pads while horse riding. Horses are too sweet to have a problem with them. 

Do Horses React To Period Blood?

Let’s get one thing clear first. Are you having a crush on your horse? Hope not, though the horse is sweet and will do nothing but reward you in the best way for it. 

And no, he’s not going to laugh at all your period blood. He won’t even neigh. But yes, he is going to get dirty, and since it looks like you love it, you surely wouldn’t want this. 

Do Horses Prefer Female Riders?

Horses prefer anyone, as long as they are humans and as long as they are kind. 

Horses love humans and can take them anywhere. It’s not like he’s going to find you too heavy and drop you down for a lighter woman. 

Just remember to treat him well and remember to be kind. 

Are Horse Girls Hard To Date?

Okay, so it’s coming to that now! The truth is that no girl is hard to date.

Girls are simple and nice that way. So, if you share a passion for horses, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to go on a date, as long as you don’t talk only about your horseback rides and bore your date. 

Or could you date another rider instead? Things would be easier that way!

Final Thoughts: Woman, Horse Riding Is For You Too!

No, horse riding is not only for men, and don’t let anyone keep you away from them. If you are a female and you love horses, remember that you, too, deserve to be on the back of a horse. 

Don’t forget the additional benefits that come with horseback riding for women, like an improved posture, better blood circulation, and muscle toning. 

You wouldn’t want to go to the gym when you have an option as interesting as this, would you? 

FAQs: Disadvantages Of Horse Riding For Females

Q1. What Is A Horse Riding Girl Called?

Ans: A horse-riding girl is called an equestrian. So, that’s a new word for you to learn today.
And you are right. Another common term is cowgirl. So, if you are the kind that sits on the back of a horse, this is another thing you can call yourself from today. 

Q2. Can Girls Learn Riding? 

Ans: Why not? Hope this is a girl reading this, and if it is, then hey, reader, you are no less than your brother. Go ahead and learn your lessons and gallop away without a bother. Just in case you didn’t know, horse riding can give you the confidence you need, and many achievers worldwide are female riders.