How Did the Turkman Horse Go Extinct? Are They Really Extinct?

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Horses, like dogs and other animals, come in different breeds, of which one of the most beautiful is the Turkman horse. Now, you may or may not have heard of this breed, and if it is the latter, we don’t blame you.

Turkman horses are hard to find today, and that is because these horses are, though one of the most beautiful, sadly extinct. 

How did the Turkman horse go extinct? If this is the question on your mind, read on to know.

Are Turkman Horses Extinct?

How did the Turkman horse go extinct? Turkmen Ahalteke black horse standing
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The sad truth to the answer is yes. You do not find Turkman horses today, at least not many, and not everywhere. However, you still have some consolation for its noble bloodline; the thoroughbred still exists.

If you love horses, this is a name familiar to you. Yes, the thoroughbred is one of the most muscular breeds of modern horses, which is why it is so famous. 

How Did the Turkman Horse Go Extinct? 

Turkman horses were, for some reason, not used for breeding, and this is how their population declined over the years, so much that you can hardly find one today. 

Living at a time when Western horses were considered to be more elegant, the poor Turkman horse was much neglected and often sidelined, something that most horse lovers today regret. 

And then, the famous conquest of Constantinople further contributed to the horses getting killed and going extinct. 

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What Are Turkmen Horses Used For?

Since these horses could cover distances with speed, they were mainly used for racing. The horse could cover a distance of 35 miles per hour. 

Besides their speed, the horses were also known to have free-flowing movements and beautiful temperaments, which made them more than ideal for riding. 

These horses have also been used to entertain people through activities like showjumping and pleasure riding. 

Where Are Turkmen Horses From?

Turkmen horses are, of course, from Turkmenistan, hence the kind of names they got. Findings say that they originated from the Altai mountains in the region. Some say it was mainly found in the steppers of the Turkomon desert. 

The tribes that rode these horses mainly inhabited the Altai mountains and later settled in the Karakum desert.

This is why the horses are so associated with the people of this region, often found in their sculptures and other forms of artwork. 

What Kind Of Horses Did Turks Ride?

This was a horse that was known for being fast, strong, and also very intelligent. Its strength made it a powerful jumper. 

It had a head that was light and fleshy, ears that were fine and long, and, not to forget, deeply expressive eyes. From this, you can gauge that the horse is also beautiful. 

Also known as the Turkoman or Turkmen, this is more of an oriental horse resulting from many horse breeds that we have today. 

A lot of modern horse breeds over the world today are brought down from this breed of horses. 

Is the Turkman Horse A War Horse?

Thanks to its mighty strength, it could be used in a war, which made it capable of carrying armed knights on its back. 

It is for this reason that this was one of the most coveted horses between 104 to 102 BC. Xerxes, Alexander, and various other such personalities were known to possess this horse. 

Back then, horses had to be big and strong to be considered good enough for battle, and the Turkman horse fit this description. 

What Is A Turkman Horse Called?

While you saw a couple of names above, the Turkman horse is a horse with many names, thanks to the fact that it was dispersed to many places worldwide throughout the first millennium. 

While we do not know much about the origin of this horse, we can safely say that its many distinct qualities made it the jewel of the Turks in history. 

For this reason, this horse was also lovingly called the golden horse of Turkey. Another name that people used for this horse was the Nisean horse. 

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Which Is the Best Turkish Horse?

They call it the Akhal Teke, and some say this is the Turkish horse’s closest descendant. 

This horse has, since times past, remained a cultural treasure, taking us back to the times when nomads and tribes roamed the streets of Turkistan.

Having been bred in the Karakum desert, the horse has some distinctive characteristics that make it one of the most unusual horses in the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

And this is how we end this sad page on the disappearance of Turkman horses, but before you go, here is a look at a few more questions that are probably in your mind. 

Q1. Is the Turkman horse the bravest horse in the world? 

Ans: It sure is a brave horse, but it doesn’t compete with some of the most daring in the list, including breeds like Andalusian, Friesian, and the famous Mongolian that this horse cannot beat. 

Q2. Is the Turkman horse the giant extinct horse?

Ans: No, it is not the largest either, for you have the Equus gigantic, which is much larger and also extinct today, putting the Turlman horse out of the first place in the list. 

Q3. Is the Turkman horse the rarest horse on Earth? 

Ans: There, we can give you a yes. The Turkman horse is the rarest horse on Earth, followed by the American Cream Draft Horse and then the Boulonnais horse. 

Final Words: Do Turkoman Horses Still Exist?

Yes, it does, but since this is an extinct breed, you won’t find many of it. How did the Turkman horse go extinct? You got your answer.

On reading till now, you would safely agree on the fact that the Turkman horse is one of the rarest breeds in the world today, with just about 6000 of them remaining from these species. 

Most of these are, of course, found in Turkmenistan and so don’t miss a chance to view one (and ride it if you get a chance) if at all you are privileged to visit the land of Turkmenistan.