Can I Put a Spider Plant in My Betta Tank? Can Spider Plants Live In Water?

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Of the many plants that one would want to add to a betta tank, one most common is the spider plant, and not without reason. 

For one, they are beautiful, which means they will only add to the look of your fish tank. And then, there is the fact that these plants are easy to maintain, too. But the question is, can I put a spider plant in my betta tank? 

Well, the answer to this is complex, which means you need to decide. For that, you first need to read on. 

Can I Put a Spider Plant in My Betta Tank?

Close up shot of spider plant 

Can I put a spider plant in my betta tank?
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Why not? This is one of the most nutritious plants you can place in your betta tank, giving the water all the proper nitrates to help your betta grow beautifully. 

Perhaps you have received some advice on how the plant tends to rot, which is bad for your aquarium. 

In that case, read on, for this article will clear all your doubts and show you how the spider plant is one of the best things that you can introduce in your aquarium. 

Spider Plant – Some Interesting Characteristics

Okay, here’s some coming to the most awaited part, where we will look at some interesting facts about the spider plant. 

  • Spider plants are low maintenance, long-lasting, and require minimal care.
  • Spider plants are known to purify the air and eliminate all allergens.
  • Moreover, they are known to have a calming effect on the mind. 
  • Did you know that a spider plant produces pretty white flowers, too? Well, now you know!
  • Finally, spider plants are most beautiful when hung. 

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Can Spider Plants Live In Water?

Spider plants is kept near the window
Image source: Ron – Flickr

This is one drawback of considering a spider plant in your betta plant. No, spider plants do not survive well underwater. 

It won’t be long before the leaves rot and turn brown. However, you can avoid this by giving the plant the right light. 

Remember that these are floating plants in the end and look best when swimming in the water. 

So, read on, and you will learn the correct way to place your spider plant in the water. 

How To Place Spider Plants In Betta Fish Tanks?

The good news is that growing the plant is easy. Two simple steps, and you are done. So, if you are ready, read on to find them here. 

  1. Make sure that the plant you have is free from any harmful chemicals and pesticides, as this can kill your fish by spoiling the environment of the water.
  2. Do not submerge the leaves entirely below the water’s surface. These plants are best when they float directly on the water. This way, they will leave the roots covered while the leaves receive enough exposure and light, which is essential for this plant. 

Know that it does not end with that. Remember that it is also very important to care for your spider plant. So, if you want the spider plant in your betta tank to last long, here you go. 

How To Take Care Of Spider Plants In A Betta Tank?

Maintaining a spider plant is no rocket. There are just a few secrets you need to know, which you can read here. 

  • Ensure that the tips of the roots are permanently submerged in water. Soaking the entire plant is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. If you do that, it will soon rot. 
  • Do not overwater the plant, as this could lead the soil to clog and ruin your plant. 
  • Remember to wash the leaves well occasionally, especially during summer when bugs can come over to destroy your plant. 

Now that you know what to do, you can be confident that your spider plant will live in the water. 

What Houseplants Can You Put In A Betta Fish Tank?

Need help with the spider plant? We understand, and in that case, here are a few more options you can choose in place of the spider plant for your betta fish tank. 

1. Java Fern

Now, this plant comes with some long, thick leaves that can considerably fill up the space in your betta tank. 

However, they are slow to grow, so there may be better choices in your betta tank for those in a hurry. 

2. Anubias Nana

This one is easy to grow and comes with broad leaves, but worry not. They are small and will only take up a little space. This makes it ideal for smaller betta tanks. 

3. Amazon Sword Plant

What’s best about these plants is that they are hardy, which means they will also survive in low light conditions. 

And they grow tall, which makes them a good choice for larger fish tanks. 

However, on the downside, they will need about ten gallons of water, considering you’ll put them in larger fish tanks. 

4. Marimo Moss Balls

Here it is if you want a plant that is easy to grow. Large and soft, they are also a favorite of most bettas.  

And don’t get fooled by the name, as they won’t spread through the tank like algae. 

5. Water Sprite

And then, last on the list is the water sprite. The plant is not just easy to grow but also beautiful, with its lacy leaves that provide some fun bubble nests for your betta to play in. 

Remember that these plants do an excellent job absorbing toxic nitrogen compounds, making the water safe for your betta to swim in. 

Now that you know the kind of plants you can grow, consider which would be best for your betta aquarium according to what suits the size of your aquarium and you. 

Do plants help betta fish?

Oh yes, plants in the tank can greatly please your betta fish. For one, these fish like the hiding spaces they get through the presence of plants in the tank. 

And then, there is the fact that plants keep the tank environment clean and free of algae at all times. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, now that you are confident with a head full of facts on the spider plants and other betta plants, let’s end with just a few more points. 

Q1. Can spider plants rot and pollute the water?

Ans: If maintained well and grown correctly, the spider plant can rot and pollute the water. So, if you choose to grow a spider plant in your fish tank, make sure that you follow the right steps.

Q2. What is the best plant for a betta fish tank?

Ans: It depends. There is no one best plant, but there are a dozen of them, which means your choices are immense. You can look at a few in the above article, as these are some of the best plants you can introduce in your betta tank. 

Q3. Is a spider plant toxic for betta fish?

Ans: No, spider plants are generally considered safe to grow in your betta tank. However, submerging them can lead the plants to rot and pollute the water inside. 

Q4. What is the correct way to add spiderfish to a betta fish tank?

Ans: Let’s keep this simple. The correct way is to submerge the tips of the roots in water while leaving the rest of the entire plant above the water’s surface. But ensure you clean the plant before adding it to the beta tank. 

Wrapping Up

So, if given a choice, make sure that you use live plants in your betta tank. The extra work is there, of course, but the results will be good for you and the betta in your tank. 

Choose plants suitable for your betta, and now that you have seen quite a few of them, you can choose the kind that would be convenient for you, too. 

This way, growing plants in your betta tank will be delicate. 

Can I put a spider plant in my betta tank? Of course, maintaining it would be convenient for you if you like it.