Can I Put Pothos in My Betta Tank? Are Pothos Good for Fish Tanks?

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One of the prettiest sights in an aquarium is a pothos plant surrounding a betta. 

These plants could add to the beauty of a fish tank, and more so if you have Betta in your tank. 

The waxy, heart-shaped leaves of the Pothos can significantly complement the beauty of the small and colorful Betta. 

But the question is, can I put Pothos in my betta tank? True. There are rumors that this may not be an excellent choice for a betta tank. So, read on to see what the truth is. 

Can I Put Pothos in My Betta Tank?

Pothos Plant Leaves in a fish tank

Can I put Pothos in my betta tank?

You can and you cannot. While some say that it is toxic, there are others who opine that this is one of the most beautiful plants to go into your betta tank. 

And then, there are also others who state that the pothos are not easy to grow, which we have to agree is true. 

So, now the answer to the above question lies up to you. When adding Pothos to your Betta tank, it is essential to ensure that the plant is properly secured and does not pose a risk to the fish. This can be done by using a plant anchor or attaching the plant to a piece of driftwood or rock

Are Pothos Good for Fish Tanks?

Yes, and in fact, they can serve as a good source of biological filtration, 

Besides this, these plants have some long roots, which adds to the hiding space in your fish tank. 

If you didn’t know, Fish want things in the tank to hide behind, so they have some comfort when kids (and adults) trouble their peace in the tank. 

Your Betta is no exception to this and would be grateful for the Pothos you placed in his tank. 

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How to Put Pothos in Aquarium?

Pothos Plant Leaves on a Mirror

Maintaining an aquarium takes work, and there is a technique for everything. 

This includes adding Pothos into your betta tank. So, here’s how you do it. 

  • First, see that your aquarium is spacious enough to let the leaves grow out of the water. This is a big plant. 
  • Now, ensure the plant is far from any motors that will lead the roots to clog inside your tank. 
  • Then, to make things easier, get an aquarium lid that helps hold the plant in place so the leaves do not fall off. 

All this may seem to be a lot of work but remember that when done right, it can, in the end, give you a beautiful aquarium with a pothos plant. 

How to Hang Pothos in an Aquarium?

Those bright yellow splashes of leaves look the best when hanging, but then there is a way to hang a pothos plant in an aquarium. 

  • First, as stated above, make the necessary room in your aquarium. Remember that this is an aerial plant that needs a lot of space for the roots to spread. 
  • Now, all you have to do is tie the Pothos to the rocks in your aquarium, again far away from any motors. You can even use a hanging basket, but space out the plant. This way, the leaves grow evenly in the basket. 
  • Finally, ensure that you cut nodes to place the plant at a 45-degree angle. But before that, rinse the cut parts. This helps remove soil and other unwanted particles. 

Also, cut the nodes sparingly. The nodes should reach below the waterline. This way, the leaves will look beautiful as they grow above the tank’s waterline. 

Can Pothos Grow Underwater?

Can I put Pothos in my betta tank?

Satin Pothos Plant and Cacti in the Background

Yes, but here is the challenge. Maintaining a pothos growing underwater takes work. Because here, the plant is going to have submerged roots. 

Growing a pothos plant out of water is any day easier than increasing one in the water. However, it is possible to develop a pothos plant under the water. 

More effort is what it takes on your part here. And your efforts will pay off when you receive all those compliments on how beautiful your pothos plant makes your Betta look in the water. 

Is Pothos Poisonous for Betta Fish?

Some say that Pothos are poisonous and not a good addition to an aquarium with betta fish. 

This is mainly because Pothos contain calcium oxalates, which are bad for your Fish’s stomach. 

In other words, these plants can cause stomach irritation and swell your Fish’s stomach. 

In addition to that, it can even be bad for your Fish’s central nervous system. 

Now, all this may or may not be valid. However, if what you read is currently bothering you, know there are various other plants you can place in your aquarium instead of the Pothos. 

If that is a good idea, read on to have a look. 

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What Plants Are Safe for Betta Fish?

Okay, so you surely are by now eager to see the list, and so, without wasting any more words, here it is:

1. Java Fern

Not only is this plant an excellent choice for betta fish but for first-time aquarium owners, too. 

The plant is a low-maintenance one that will forgive most of your goof-ups and mistakes. 

Moreover, its long and thick leaves will go a long way in filling up your aquarium.

2. Anubias

This is another straightforward plant that you can consider growing in your aquarium. It can even survive without too much light and CO2. 

The only drawback is that this plant is slow to grow, so don’t cultivate it if you have no patience and are in a hurry to see some plants growing in your aquarium. 

3. Marimo Moss

You can safely call these the easiest plants to grow in your aquarium. This plant tolerates all water conditions. Besides this, it also serves as a natural filter in your betta tank by consuming all harmful nitrates in your aquarium. 

4. Cryptocoryne

Now, another plant will grow wonderfully even in the most low-light conditions. 

The plant has few roots, so it is an excellent option for beginners. And their broad leaves make it fun for the betta fish to rest on, too. 

5. Water Sprite

Okay, now this is the plant that those in a hurry can grow in their aquarium. The plant wastes no time reaching its height and is easy to care for. 

And they also look beautiful when afloat in your aquarium water. 

6. Amazon Sword

If you are looking for a plant that provides a good source of coverage in your aquarium, look within the Amazon Sword. 

Remember that they are elegant, too, with their long leaves and wavy edges ending with pointed tips. 

Dark and bright, they are sure to stand out amidst all the decor in your aquarium. 

7. Vallisneria

Again, the Vallisneria is a good choice for those who want a jungle-like look in the aquarium. 

It is tall with leaves that, though thin, grow lush to provide a good source of coverage to the entire aquarium. 

8. Banana Plant

The banana plant is known for its long stem, which will only go on to add to the beauty of your aquarium. 

Moreover, it grows quickly, too, so for those in a hurry, here is another option for you. 

However, you may have to prune the leaves regularly. But you don’t mind the extra work, don’t you? 

9. Java Moss

We saw the Java Fern but also have the Java moss, another easy-to-grow aquarium plant for you. 

Not only that. The plant is also unique and versatile with its deep green hue. The leaves come in the form of thin fronds, giving you a lot of scope to experiment. 

So, if you are creative, this could be the best option for you. 

10. Bucephalandra

Last of all, we have the bucephalandra, a plant from Southeast Asia. It is a creeping plant with slender stems, small leaves, and pink flowers. It grows in waterlogged soils and is often used as an ornamental plant.

Wrapping Up

From all this, you now see that you have quite a few options for plants that you can grow in your aquarium. 

However, the pathos is correct for you. So, can I put pathos in my betta tank? 

The most likely answer is yes, though this may only sometimes be true. What you can do is experiment for a while. And when you notice the negative consequences, drop the idea. 

But don’t be disappointed. Remember that various other plants will make your betta tank look beautiful. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, decide whether or not you want to have pothos in your fish tank. But if you cannot determine, you should check the answers to the questions below. 

Q1. Can Betta Fish ruin Pothos’ leaves?

Ans: Not really. Remember that we said that the leaves grow above the water? Now that a fish swims in the water, how will he reach up and destroy the leaves growing above the water? 

Q2. Can Betta Fish eat plants?

Ans: Betta Fish nibble at plants, but they do not eat them. Remember that these carnivorous beings love to feast on shrimps and worms and other such things, but plants do not enjoy them. 

Q3. Which part of Pothos is toxic to Betta Fish?

Ans: The stem and the foliage are the culprits, so proper care and maintenance are necessary for Pothos in your fish tank. So, if you are not prepared for this, you can always go for some easy-to-care-for plants. 

Q4. Do Pothos plants help naturally clean fish tanks?

Ans: Yes, you got that right. A pothos plant gets rid of unwanted nitrate levels and even the excessive algae in your fish tank, thus serving as a natural filter and, in a way, making your work easier.