Can Horse Liniment Be Used on Humans? Is It Safe?

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If there is one substance that can serve as an effective solution to the many aches and pains that horses face, it is horse liniment, 

But the question here is, can horse liniment be used on humans? This is what we are here to find answers to in this article. 

So, read on, and you will learn whether or not you can go ahead with this product on your skin or if this is something that you need to keep away at all costs. 

Can Horse Liniment Be Used on Humans?

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Can horse liniment be used on humans?

True, some claim that these pet liniments are much more effective than human balms when it comes to soothing pains and injuries. 

But generally, it is not recommended that you use a horse liniment on humans, for reasons you will learn about later in the article. 

However, you have many formulas today that serve as an effective source of topical medication in the form of creams, gels, ointments, and lotions to soothe various ailments in the body. 

These products are created to provide either a cooling or warming effect on the body, so it is very important to read the label to know what it is offering. 

Generally, the ones that come with alcohol are known to provide more of a cooling effect on the body. 

In the end, know that even if one can make use of horse liniment on humans, it must always be diluted as concentrated liniment can be of sure harm to humans. 

Is It Safe for People to Use Horse Liniment?

Veterinary liniments are usually not safe to use on humans, and this holds even for horse liniments, in which cases have resulted in deaths. 

Some horses contain DMSO, in which case their liniment formula is no longer suitable to use on humans. 

This is because DMSO can take the topical product directly into the bloodstream, thus proving dangerous in the process. 

From this, you can say that the answer to the above question is no, and so, if you decide to use it, it is going to be at your own risk. 

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What Are the Side Effects of Horse Liniment for Humans?

Horse liniment can come with some serious side effects, which can prove harmful if you are not careful. 

For one, they can bring about a lot of allergic reactions, from those as mild as itching and irritation to blisters and serious rashes, including hives over the skin. 

And it does not stop with the skin alone. Horse liniment can, in some cases, even cause fever, wheezing, difficulty in swallowing, and, in the most dangerous cases, congestion and tightness in the throat. 

So, make sure that you are not using it without the right caution and guidance from an authorized person. 

What Are the Ingredients in Horse Liniment for Humans?

Horse liniment generally contains 1.27 percent menthol, which serves as the main ingredient in the substance. And then 0.5 percent chloroxylenol and about 0.02 percent iodine, which serve as the secondary ingredients. 

Some other inactive ingredients include:

  • Absinthium oil
  • Potassium iodide
  • Acetone
  • Plant extracts of calendula
  • Blue 1
  • Yellow 6
  • Thymol echinacea
  • Wormwood
  • And finally, water. 

There, we know most of you are new to these terms, so suffice to say that horse liniment has enough to make you understand that it should be out of the reach of children. 

Make sure that you seal the cap tightly at all times and at any cost so that it does not come into contact with the eyes. And this is how careful you need to be about horse liniment, all thanks to its chemical ingredients.  

3 Best Horse Liniment for Humans

While there are quite a couple of horse liniments for humans, here are some of the most popular in stores out there. 

1. Farnam vetrolin: This is a kind of gel that can provide a good amount of relief to those suffering from muscle soreness, swelling, and stiffness when rubbed on the body by increasing circulation. 

2. Absorbine veterinary liquid liniment: This is another product that you can try. This one can be quite effective in soothing minor wounds. 

3. Sore No More: Sore No More is a form of clay poultice that is found to provide a good amount of relief to women before or after exercising. The poultice is known to reduce swelling and inflammation or, in general, just tighten the muscles to help work out better. 

Please Note: Yet, despite all that is said, remember all that was mentioned above on the side effects of horse liniment and make sure that you are not using it without all the right protection and care. 

Where to Buy Horse Liniment for Humans?

Amazon is the best place for any product that you want, and why should this exclude horse liniment?

You can visit the online to find various horse health supplies as well as liniment that can be used on humans. 

Some sprays can be used for horses, as well as ointments that one can buy on the advice of the doctor to cure his aches and pains. 

Yet again, know that horse liniments have not been tested on humans for the simple reason that the FDA does not suggest it for humans. 

Can You Use Horse Ointment on Humans?

Okay, there are cases of horse oil being used as a moisturizing ingredient in some Asian countries. While this may work wonderfully for some, it may not be for those who are prone to allergies like rashes and swelling. 

So, stay away if you are someone who suffers from any of these. Do not apply it on broken, irritated, or itchy skin. 

And if you find symptoms of these once you start using it on your body, make sure that you put an end to it immediately. 

Consult the doctor if you have to so he can help you recover from the damage done and see what can be done to let you heal. 

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In the end, let’s say that the FDA does not approve of using horse liniment on humans, which means it would be best to reach out to other sources of relief. 

There are many ointments and gels out there that can provide a great source of relief and yet come without the side effects that horse liniment can provide to humans. 

Don’t just go by the assumption that what’s good for your horse is good for you, for this may not always be true.