Can Mollies Eat Goldfish Food? 5 Best Food for Mollies!

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Mollies are a favorite of many home aquarium owners because they are peaceful, accommodative, and adjust well to the fish around them as they swim. 

But can mollies eat goldfish food? Why not? This is one of the best things you can give these fish as they are high in protein and rich in many other essential nutrients. 

So, you see, you can feed your mollies with the same food you feed your goldfish. Here, too, he is accommodative and not fussy. 

And this is why you love him so much, don’t you? Then read on to know what else you can do to keep your mollie happy. 

Can Mollies Eat Goldfish Food?

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Goldfish food does have a lot of proteins and nutrients that mollies need. But you know how we get tired of eating the same stuff every day? It’s the same with mollies. They crave a varied diet to keep them fit and happy.

However, a few fish experts suggest that it’s better to stay off from goldfish food altogether. They say it’s because it’s made specifically keeping goldfish in mind and doesn’t really cater to our molly friends.

So, in a nutshell, yes, your mollies can enjoy some goldfish food, but it’s better to give them something that’s tailored for them. Plus, mixing up the menu keeps things exciting, right?

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What Kind of Food Do Mollies Eat? 

These fish fall into the omnivorous category, so make sure that they are not eating only veggies. 

So, while algae and other stuff are fine, make sure that you occasionally throw in some flakes for a little feast. This way, you will also give them the additional necessary vitamins and minerals. 

In addition, blood worms, brine shrimp, and black worms are some other things that you can incorporate into the diet if you’re a molly. 

And then, for some veggies, you can always chop some cucumber and peas and throw them into your tank. They’ll eat that, too. Remember, they are not fussy. 

Do Mollies Eat Fish Food?

molly fish in a fish tank

can mollies eat goldfish food?
Image source: KauaiGuy808 – Flickr

Yes, a mollie is a fish that will eat fish food. But make sure that the food you are feeding him comes with the right balance of nutrients, for while a molly is not picky, he needs to stay healthy. 

But here comes the exciting part. When it comes to mollies, fish food is not the only thing you will be sending into an aquarium with a mollie. 

Be patient. Read on, and in this article, you will learn some interesting things about what your mollie likes to eat. 

What Are the Protein Needs for Mollies?

The truth is that mollies wait for a protein snack and will be super grateful for this protein feed. You’ll see them swimming around energetically to grab a bite of your protein treat until it is empty. 

And remember that this is what they need for healthy breeding. What’s more, protein in the diet makes your mollie look healthy, too, so you can have bright and colorful fish for a beautiful aquarium. 

So, ensure you are giving your mollie a good amount of protein. Need to know how to do that? Read on, for, in the course of the article, you will learn more about foods that feed your mollie with protein. 

Is It Safe for Mollies to Eat Goldfish Food?

So, if you have goldfish in your aquarium, introduce your mollie to them without worry. They will get along ideally if they both get a good feed. 

And now that you know they both eat the same things, life should be easy for you, your goldfish, and your mollie. 

However, the problem could arise if goldfish food is all you are giving to your poor mollie. So, if that is the case, it’s time to stop being lazy or stingy. That said, you can read on to see what else you can be feeding your pet mollie. 

What Vegetables Do Mollies Eat?

Mollies are salad eaters. In other words, they will love what is in your salad bowl, only as long as they are chopped well enough for their tiny teeth and you throw them out to them.

Cute. So, what is it that you should be feeding them? Let’s read on to see. 

1. Zucchini: Did you know that mollies, like you, like zucchini too? So the next time you chop some for yourself, save some for them too. Make sure that you boil them well. Make squash if you have to. This makes the skin soft and gives them the treat they look forward to. 

2. Cucumber: After zucchini comes cucumber, so remember this, too, when making your salads. And just like most of us, mollies, too, prefer to have them with their outer skin removed, so that’s a little work for you. After all, that’s how you, too, like your cucumbers, don’t you? 

3. Peas: Please try to bring them out of the shell and not throw the entire thing in. Also, microwave them for about a minute so they are soft enough for them to feast on. You see, these little creatures have little teeth. They like their veggies nice and soft. 

4. Spinach: And then, just as spinach is good for you, it is suitable for your mollie, too. But then, make sure it is fresh and chopped into small pieces to make it easy for your mollie to chew. Also, boil them if you want them soft. This makes them more enjoyable for your mollie, too. 

5. Broccoli Stalks: You eat the broccoli. Could you give them the stalks? This will only make your salads more tasty and feed your mollie. You see, they are more generous. So, you will share your broccoli with them, won’t you? 

So, you see, now you can be confident about providing a well-balanced diet to your mollie. This is how he should be eating. Now, the salads you give him will give him all the fiber he needs. 

But perhaps you also want to pamper him with what he likes. So read on to see some of the best foods you can give your mollie. 

5 Best Food for Mollies

No algae is not the only thing your mollie likes to eat, so do not make their diet so dull. Please make the effort to get them something that makes them happy. 

And if you don’t know what to do, here are five of the best foods you can get for your little or not-so-little mollie. 

1. Flakes: If a molly could talk, he would scream from the aquarium to tell you how much he loves flakes. Apart from that, this also serves as a good source of protein. And by now, you know how much your mollie needs protein. 

2. Pallets: We are talking about veggie pallets, for these omnivorous eaters need a balanced diet. So, while flakes give them protein, this food item gives them the necessary vitamins and minerals. 

3. Shrimps and Worms: We mentioned that above, but here is a little more. Shrimps and worms to a mollie are what chicken and beef are to you. And then, the abundance of protein here keeps them healthy, too. 

4. Egg Yolk: Mollies love the yellow of eggs, too, but maybe not the sunny side. Instead, they are fitness freaks who like it the healthy way, hard-boiled. However, make sure you crush it into a paste before sending it down, bit by bit, for him to eat. And no, he does not like white. You can eat it. After all, egg whites are a great addition to a human diet. 

5. Veggies: And then, as you saw above, veggies are a great addition to your mollie’s diet, giving these omnivorous beings a complete package of all the nutrition they need. 

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Wrapping Up

We hope you had fun and are already ready with a list you have set out to buy for your little mollie. 

So, with that, we hope you enjoy your first mollie food shopping experience and return with a bag full of goodies to give your mollie. 

And you know what? These fish love to eat, which only adds to the fun for you, as an aquarium owner loves to see them eat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

So, now you know all about the mollie and its eating habits, but read on just a little more to know a little about what to expect when it is with your goldfish. 

Q1. Can Mollies Eat Tropical Fish Food?

Ans: Yes, and of these, the most popular are flakes. Mollies love it. These make for a staple in your mollie’s diet, so ensure you always have them on your shelf if you want your mollie to stay healthy. 

Q2. Can Mollies Eat Cucumber?

Ans: Yes, of course, mollies love cucumbers. So, don’t be stingy with your cucumber. It’s not like they’re going to chew on the whole thing. You have to spare a piece for them or two. This way, you are making their diet exciting and giving them the necessary vitamins and minerals. 

Q3. Can Other Fish Eat Goldfish Food?

Ans: Yes, because the truth is that goldfish food usually consists of a high vegetable content, which most fish generally need. So, that said, most fish are okay and won’t show you signs of stomach upset when you feed them with goldfish food. 

Q4. Can Molly Fish Kill Goldfish?

Ans: They can be aggressive, but this need not mean they will go out and kill your goldfish. The truth is that these fish are peaceful but sometimes want to show who is boss. They may irritate your goldfish, and this may cause the two to fight, but they may not kill them.

Q5. Do Mollies Eat Goldfish?

Ans: No, mollies do not eat goldfish. However, it is not recommended to keep them together in the same tank.