How Do Horses Help Us? Is the Horse A Useful Animal?

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Of all the animals we see around us in our small world, we can safely say that the horse is one of the most useful.  

True, they may not be as cute as the dog or as cuddly as the rabbit, but these are one of the first animals one would think of in the past, way back then before the discovery of fuel and the invention of the vehicle.

And that is the use and beauty of horses. How do horses help us? Do you want to know more? Then read on till the end of this article. 

How Do Horses Help Us?

How do horses help us? Delighted young woman kissing obedient horse in paddock

Horses can help people in many ways, including building confidence, improving social skills, developing physical skills, aiding in rehabilitation, helping with emotional trauma, building trust relationships, improving non-verbal communication, and providing bonding experiences.

They have been used in Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) since the early 1970s.

In equine-facilitated psychotherapy, interacting with horses helps clients explore their feelings. Keenly aware of emotional energies, horses sense what we’re feeling, sometimes better than we do.

Horses can also help people with their everyday life skills as well as help those in need of rehabilitation.

Is the Horse A Useful Animal?

Yes, it is a valuable animal, giving us a lot today and more so in the past, which we will read and come to know in the course of this article. 

They have been used for centuries for transportation, work, and recreation. They are also used in therapy and rehabilitation programs to help people with physical and emotional challenges.

Horses have a calming effect on people and can help build confidence, trust, and communication skills. They are also used in sports such as horse racing, polo, and equestrian events.

Overall, horses have played an important role in human society and continue to be a valuable asset to us. 

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How Horses Are Useful To Us?

Adult woman with horse on farm pasture

Well, as mentioned above, most of us would know the answer to this. In a world of Toyotas and Hondas, we would still not miss the dream chance to sit on the back of a horse for an evening of adventure and some pictures that can go on Instagram with that. 

And while BMWS and Porches have replaced the grand horse chariot of the past, you still have carts that greatly help farmers plow and perform various tasks on their land. 

And then, let’s not forget that they still give us their precious skin, which is the material we feel when we shop for jackets from our favorite brands. 

Finally, let us remember all those tickets we buy to circuses and races and other similar shows to keep ourselves entertained on an otherwise slow and lazy Sunday and how these animals do all the running and jumping around just for us. 

How Have Horses Helped Humans?

Up till now, you have read about what horses do for us today, but we are sure that it was much more than this back in the old days.

While these are some of the things we don’t find so much today, we still have our horses to thank for bringing us up here by giving us so much in those simpler days. 

When walking became difficult, they were our sole means of travel, taking people from one village to another and, in the process, mixing cultures and languages and bringing people together. 

So you see, they did more than carry people on their shoulders. They took Alexander and Genghis Khan to wars and battles back then when there was no spaceship or nuclear bombs (though man should not have invented these today)

What Does A Horse Give Us?

We saw a little bit of leather above, which we all know. But let us not stop at that, for there are a few other things that a horse gives us, like milk. 

If you have never tasted mare’s milk, do that when you can the next time. It is rich in protein and fatty acids, which means your brain and muscles grow better. 

Don’t forget that it also has some essential nutrients to help your skin, so if you are a beauty-conscious person, why not keep a mare for your daily dose of horse’s milk? 

What Horses Can Teach Us

Unrecognizable person caressing obedient horse in snowy paddock

Don’t forget that horses make some of the best teachers, giving us valuable life lessons in a way that a human being cannot do. 

For one, they teach us how to be more social. Watch a horse in a herd, and you will realize many things we humans can implement in today’s world. 

At the same time, they also teach us the right way to be assertive, setting boundaries where needed and yet, at the same time, respecting the boundaries of others. 

Finally, they may not be mighty as lions, yet they can teach us a lot about overcoming our fears, facing them when needed, and escaping situations that don’t seem right. 

They teach you how to trust with their non-judgemental behavior; in the end, they can be excellent listeners. 

These are all some things that we need to learn as humans. 

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The Animal We Know As Horses

You see, horses are not a dead species roaming in the wild. They still deserve a place in our stables and want to be a source of help to humans right up to this day. 

How do horses help us? These are some of the best companions of humans with their broad range of emotions. 

Ultimately, it is sad that an animal like this lives for only an average of 25 to 30 years. But never mind, for as long as they live, don’t forget to give all your love and make the most of these animals we know as horses. 

Frequently Asked Questions on How Do Horses Help Us?

Okay, now all this would only have led you to love horses more, so before you go, keep reading for a little more. 

Q1. What are the three things that horses do for us?

Ans: Three things? There are more, but if you want to put them all in three broad categories, they give us to transport, entertain us, and finally serve as good companions that we would love to have in our stable. 

Q2. What are the four common uses of horses today?

Ans: Today a horse can be used for sports, entertainment, therapy, and companionship. In other words, a horse today is more an animal used and leisurely than work, and this still makes him valuable, for he gives us a much-needed break. 

Q3. Are horses still valuable? 

Ans: You may not see them on our roads and lanes today, but we still need horses in our small world, just as we need entertainment, companionship, and food.