Can Horses Eat Blackberries?

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You can’t be too careful with your horse, and as a horse owner having arrived on this page, you sure are someone who keeps a close eye on your horse, the things that he eats and things he doesn’t, and that sure is something good. 

But if you are worried about the blackberries he is eating, then this article is meant to teach you a thing or two. Perhaps you are not familiar with the things your horse should eat and the things he shouldn’t. 

If that is the case, read on, for this is an article on can horses eat blackberries is just for you.

Are Horses Allergic To Blackberries?

Can Horses Eat Blackberries? Woman Feeding Horse BlackBerries

No, blackberries are known to be good for a horse to eat. For one, it contains antioxidants that will go a long way in keeping a horse’s heart safe and healthy. 

They are low in sugar and are also a good source of fiber. This means that they are not just good for a horse’s heart but his digestive health too. 

Just don’t give it to him in large quantities. Remember that moderation is the key because too much can give him an upset stomach, something that you wouldn’t want to see. 

Can Horses Eat Blackberries?

The simple answer is yes. Blackberries are safe to give to a horse, so if you have some right now that he longs to eat, go ahead and let him enjoy his little feast. 

However, here is a word of caution. Make sure that you introduce it carefully into your horse’s diet that is, if he has till now, never had any of it. 

Watch the effect that it has on its health, for blackberries may not go well with some horses. So, this is just to make sure that your horse is not one of them. 

And then make sure that the blackberries are clean and washed before you serve them to your horse. Filthy foods can give a horse a stomach upset too. 

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What Are Berries For Horses?

Horses love berries and enjoy the sweet taste of this fruit, and this also includes blackberries, which you are still doubtful about whether he should eat. 

Place a horse near one such bush, and you will see. He will help himself right away without stopping to eat. 

Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are all on a horse’s favorite berry list. You have them growing around you, don’t you? 

And oh, to that, you can add cherries. These are, with their dark red color, not to be left out from a horse’s very list. 

Can Horses Eat Strawberries and Blackberries? 

Clear Glass Bottle With Raspberries Inside

Why not? Having a problem with strawberries? These, again, are harmless fruit, which can be fed in moderation, and is safe for a horse, so let him feast on them. 

This is, in fact, a fruit that contains some of the essential vitamins that a horse needs, like C, B9, and E, along with minerals and potassium that your horse also needs. 

Fruits are some of the best snacks that you can offer to a horse, especially blackberries, strawberries, and all the berries on the above list. 

You saw the word moderation in the mention of strawberries, didn’t you? Now, keep that in mind, knowing that strawberries can be a little too acidic, and for a horse, something too acidic is not always good. 

So, don’t let him feast on too many of them, will you? Remember that this is for his good. 

And this is true in the case of any acidic fruit; no matter how much your horse loves them, moderation would be good. 

Apart from this, you also need to remember that a horse’s body is designed to eat small amounts of food throughout the day and not binge on large meals the way humans do. 

So, keep this in mind, no matter whether it is veggies that you are serving him or some of his favorite fruit. 

Can Horses Eat Kiwi?

Kiwi is not a berry, but anyway, now that you want an answer to it, yes, it is. And the good news is that it has no pip or seed to cause a problem. 

Go ahead and serve him some, but first, make sure that you wash each of it, and without peeling off the skin, for it is here that you have all the nutrients that your horse needs. 

Or you could feast on the flesh if you like and then make sure that you offer him nutritious skin. 

Are Blackberry Leaves Good For Horses?

Oh yes, the leaves; it’s a good thing you came to this. Blackberry leaves are good for a horse, so don’t stop him from feasting on them. Serve it along with the blackberries, if you can, as its side dish. 

He’s going to love his little meal and will be grateful to you for it. 

What Are Horses Favorite Fruits?

Woman in Blue Puffer Jacket Feeding the Horses

Blackberry is just one on the list, but is it at the top of the list? Come along and have a look. 

Apples and Apricots

Well, at the top are apricots and apples, so make sure that your horse gets a lot of them. They are good for his health, too, so you don’t have to worry when your horse enjoys it. 

While some say that apples and apricots are poisonous to a horse, that is not what the truth is. The seed is what is poisonous, so make sure that you take them off before you go ahead and serve it. 

Some More Fruits and Veggies

You can then include in this list, grapes, bananas, and melons. Some other fruits that your horse loves and fruits that will not make him sick. Oh, and don’t forget strawberries; your horse loves them. 

And it is not fruits alone. Horses are herbivorous animals that love veggies, too, like celery, pumpkin, and peas. All these are good foods to give to your horse and will keep him healthy without making him sick. 

Just a word of advice. Don’t give him the entire pumpkin to feast on, or melons for that matter, or any other fruit and vegetable that you offer to him. Make sure that you chop them all, offering him bite-sized pieces, for at the end of the day, this creature is like a baby, and that is how lovingly you need to care for it. 

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What Are Foods Toxic To Horses?

When it comes to giving your horse a handful of blackberries or letting himself help himself to some, you have no reason to worry. But here are some foods that can prove to be very toxic to horses and hence need to be kept far from them. 

1. Chocolate

Top on the list is chocolate. So, if you have one in your hand right now, go ahead and eat the entire thing or leave some for your sweetheart because your horse cannot have any of it. 

While some say that it is okay to give him just a piece, why would you want to take the risk? It’s not like you don’t have better options available, like Blackberries. Yes, your horse can eat it. 

2. Fruits With Seeds and Pips

And then, you have any fruit that comes with a pip in it. Don’t give these to your horse. He won’t realize that he needs to spit out the pip and is simply going to choke on it. 

If you so badly want your horse to have, then make sure that you first mash it or at least take out the pips. 

3. Avocado

That said, avocados are not good for a horse, seed or no seed, so keep your horse far from them. Baked goods are a treat for you but are no good for a horse. 

If you love him, don’t offer any of it to him. It will only create a doughy mess in his stomach and make him sick. 

4. Some Veggies (Not All.. Certain Few)

Potatoes are a human being’s best friend, but not so for a horse. It is extremely dangerous and highly toxic and so don’t serve it to him just because all you have to do is set apart a little of your meal. 

Onions, tomatoes, cabbage, and sprouts are all bad for a horse and will produce a bad case of colic. 

5. Dairy

Don’t give him any yogurt too, or any other dairy product. These are not good for him and will cause an unpleasant case of diarrhea, which you don’t want, isn’t it? 

See, the list is small, and the best part is it does not include blackberries which your horse loves and is craving to eat from your hand right now, so why don’t you just be kind and offer it all to him? 

Closing Thoughts: Can Horses Eat Blackberries?

And that’s all about the horse and the blackberry. Don’t worry if your horse loves it, for there is no harm that is going to come from it. And the same holds for a lot of other berries and fruits, so go ahead and enjoy watching your horse enjoying it. 

Don’t be so strict with your horse, will you? Of course, this is because you love them, but remember that he loves his blackberries too, and now that you know that, you wouldn’t want him to miss it.