Which Horse To Choose In Witcher 3?

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Are you a fan of The Witcher 3? If yes, then you know that having a trusty steed can make all the difference when it comes to navigating the vast open world of the game.

But with so many horses to choose from, how do you know which one is the best for you?

So, if you hate losing and want to find out which horse to choose in Witcher 3 to win the game, read on to see all the tips and tricks that can help you win. 

Witcher 3: which horse to choose?

Which horse to choose in Witcher 3? Screenshots of the beauty of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
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In The Witcher 3, every horse shares the same stats and abilities, so choosing a horse is mostly a matter of preference. The choice mainly comes down to appearance and style.

That being said, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind:

  • Roach, Geralt’s default horse, is a reliable choice and always available. You can also upgrade Roach’s saddlebags, increasing his carrying capacity.
  • Other horses can be purchased or obtained in-game, often from stable owners. These horses may have unique appearances or quests associated with them.
  • The DLC horse, Skellige’s Most Wanted, is a good choice if you’re looking for a unique-looking horse with high stamina and speed. It also has a special ability that allows it to call nearby boats to you.

As a result, the choice of a horse comes down to personal preference, so choose the one that you like the most! 

Which Horse To Choose In Witcher 3’s Broken Flowers? 

When you start the game of horse race after getting challenged by Morvran, you will get four horses to take your pick from Cantarella, Nemrod, Chestnut, and Zerrikanian Bay.

You can choose any one of them since all of them don’t have that many differences between them. They come with similar stamina and speed. 

So it’s not like Nemrod is going to perform better than Chestnut or any other horses. The only difference you will notice between these horses is their color, and colors are never that significant enough to help you in winning the race. 

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How Do You Win The Race In Witcher 3?

In Witcher 3, you get to be a participant in the horse race. You have to play against your opponent to reach the finish line on horseback. 

Suppose you end up winning the race. While racing your opponent, you get extra bonus points. 

1. Sprinting 

Sprinting plays a major role in winning this horseback ride if you are aiming to move at a fast pace against your opponent while racing. 

If you want to sprint, just double-tap and then hold the X Button. And then A on Switch when you are trying to move forward. 

2. Enhancing The Saddle 

You need to improve your saddle if you want to be ready before you start the Horse Race. The reason behind you should improve the saddle. 

Because it will give your horse the required stamina, this power of energy will help your horse to run at a faster pace. 

3. Maintain Stamina 

Without the right amount of stamina, your horse will lose the race, and we don’t want that now, do we? You can only imagine the level of frustration if your horse runs out of stamina during the race. 

I can address the worst-case scenario if your horse runs out of stamina. Your horse won’t be able to run, and it will slow down your horse. 

Now to avoid this situation, all you need to do is once in a while slow down while racing against an opponent. This will give your horse some time to recover its stamina. 

Make sure you don’t slow down too often, or you might lose the race. Use your brain at the right time and slow down from time to time to recover stamina, and you will see the magical result when you will win the race. 

4. Know The Route 

Tracks can confuse you a lot during the horse race, and you may end up getting lost while running. To avoid this situation, just study your route, and you also need to be more observant about the terrain before you start the horse race. 

Can I Change My Horse In Witcher 3?

If your current horse companion somehow gets killed during the race. In this scenario, you can switch to another horse companion to reach the finish line. 

Still, you may be left with a dilemma about how to win in Witcher 3. Which Horse to Choose? Because options can always confuse a human being. 

If you end up with a wild horse, there are ways that you can tame your horse easily. You can utilize the Axii sign to tame your horse. 

But to avoid putting in extra effort just to tame a wild horse. When you should be focusing on the race, go for other horses that are available and tamed. 

Who Is The Best Choice For The Play Witcher 3?

When you are going to start the play, you always get two options, Prince or Princess, and you need to pick one to play the game. 

There are always chances that you will be confused about Which Horse to Choose In Witcher 3. There is nothing to worry about because this happens in most people’s cases. 

If you are choosing the Princess, then you should go for the Priscilla. In case you want to choose Prince, then Abelard is the best option out there. 

Both of them will give you marvelous performance to reach your end goal without any hassle. 

How Do You Win a Ciri Horse Race? 

You can easily win the Ciri Horse race. All you need to do just follow these simple instructions: –

Initially, it is necessary to stimulate the horse the entire way. After this race on the yellow path, you will see it on your mini-map. 

You shouldn’t concern yourself with the horse’s energy level. You will reach the finishing line before your horse runs out of energy. 

It doesn’t matter if you are to win the race or not. Because right after this, a giant named Basilisk going to interrupt the horse race. 

How Do You Win The Horse Race In Witcher 3 Blood and Wine?

You don’t have to go the extra mile to win the race. When it comes to dummies, all you have to do is to start swinging quite earlier to chop the dummy. 

You can even try slowing down a little to swipe at them. When it comes down to targets, you need to prepare your crossbow, and once again, you need to slow down. 

When targets are within eyesight, aim the crossbow at the target with the help of the middle mouse button and then let the arrow go to the right spot. It doesn’t matter if you are going to miss the target. 

You should continue with your mission and try to aim once again. Even if you are going to get some of them, you will reach the end line with some time left in your hand. 

How To Get Inside The Var Attre Villa? 

There are two options available when it comes down to how to get inside the Var Attre Villa. 

The first option is you need to work around the rocks so that you can reach the backside of the house. 

Your second option requires you to wander through dangerous sewers. The way I see it, your safest bet is to go with the first option and avoid the extra hazard that comes with the second option. 

Who To Talk To In Broken Flowers Witcher 3?

You need to run to the tailor shop of Elihal the elf to meet him when Elihal is going to change his ensemble so that Dandelion can recognize him easily. 

You are going to find out how they met in the first place. You will also get some information about the Dandelion, and then you can start off your mission once again. 

Where To Find Vespula in Witcher 3?

You can find the Vespula just right outside of the city of Novigrad in a village. Where she is getting harassed by a few Whoreson’s men. 

You can easily rescue her from these Whoreson’s men and even avoid fighting them. Just interact with them and tell them that:

  • You can choose to pay 200 and, in return, earn 20 points. 
  • You can also choose to fight, but instead, you should avoid that and tell them that Vespula is now under the king of beggars’ protection. 
  • Also, avoid telling them that she is under your protection or you need to be ready to fight with them. 

Once you free Vespula from these men, she will be able to talk to you. Just make sure you don’t mention dandelions while conversing with her. 

After you finish your conversation with Vespula, you will get 150 bonus points. They are going to prove to be helpful later in the game. 


Well, I hope that these tips and tricks can help you a great deal in winning this game. Every task that you will complete can help you earn points. 

You need to be aware of Which Horse to Choose In Witcher 3. Getting the right horse on your side will help you win the race as instantaneously as possible.