How to Get Rid of Asian Carp? 7 Amazing Solutions!

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The Asian Carp fish have been proven to be an invasive species from a completely different ecosystem that is affecting the native and endangered species of North America.

Both the US and Canadian government has issued statements encouraging the eradication and consumption of Asian Carp fish to remove them from natural ecosystems, especially for the Upper Midwest geographical region.

How can you protect your ponds, lakes, and rivers from this affliction? Look at 7 excellent answers on how to get rid of Asian carp today!

7 Quick Answers – How to Get Rid of Asian Carp?

Asian Carps in a Lake

how to get rid of Asian carp

Asian Carp cannot be killed through environment and changes as they are great at adapting to different aquatic climates. However, there are some other methods you can employ:

#1. Using Asian Carp in Game Fishing

Fishing is a popular sport in America. In areas with an abundance of Asian Carp, the government has suggested turning Asian Carp into the sole fishing prey.

This helps the ecosystem in two ways: on the one hand, it gets rid of the invasive species, and on the other, it protects other fish from becoming human food.

The Asian Carp can be entertaining to fish out. These are delicious to smoke or cook and can grow as much as 5 feet long. 

You can boast about catching these easy prey to friends and family over the vacations!

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#2. Creating Special Zoological Areas

The government has recently found another humane way of controlling Asian Carp in natural ecosystems.

Particular zoological areas within natural bodies of water are being created specially for the Asian Carp. These areas are enclosed by land or ionic barriers so the fish cannot escape.

Use of the Asian Carp in any form of aquaculture is, however, not allowed. Similarly, creating zoological areas near large bodies of water or the sea is prohibited.

Individual environmentalists are requested to make use of government zoological bodies for the protection of Asian Carp. Any fish found outside can easily be used for hunting and consumption.

#3. Adhering to Laws Banning Carp Import

Most States in the US, as well as Canada, have banned the position of living Asian Carp in any form or manner.

This step has been taken to ensure that business owners are not breeding the Asian Carp to find a cheap alternative to controlling algae production or keeping aquatic tanks clean.

States like India and Wisconsin have banned the import of Asian Carp as well. Advertising the sale of this fish, along with other forms of distribution, is also a big no-no.

#4. Turn the Fish Into Food

On the other hand, keeping, selling, and eating Asian Carp is completely alright according to law and is even encouraged by local authorities.

These fish are high in calcium, lean fat, protein, and essential amino acids. They improve the quality of our hair, skin, and joints.

The Asian Carp is being used not only in human food but also in cat and dog food. 

The fish is an excellent alternative for dogs allergic to traditional dog food. You can even offer raw Asian Carp to your cat when you want to treat it to something good!

#5. Establishing Electrical Barriers

An important way to control Asian Carp in your lake is to make sure you stop new ones from invading the area. Electric barriers, pencils, and noise treatment can help with this.

Shock treatment involves electrified canal water that stops these fish from crossing a body of water into a lake. The technology works at a two-voltage-per-inch capacity. The electrical barriers are 160 feet wide and 20 or 25 feet deep. 

This is, however, a communal step; if you wish to protect an individual lake, you can create an electrical fence on a small scale instead!

#6. Introducing Fish Poisons and Extraction Methods

Carpicide is a popular fish poison that works excellently on species like the Asian Carp. 

Habitat alienation through natural methods involves the introduction of predators and pathogens to control and even kill these fish. Such processes can prove dangerous; however, we do not know what the side effects of such biological warfare can entail.

Extraction methods can also scoop these fish from large legs and other water bodies. 

#7. Sterilizing Matured Asian Carp

For those who cannot outright kill the fish, sterilization is the next best thing. 

Asian Carp fish reach reproductive maturity at the age of 7 years. The female fish lays about a million eggs each breeding session. A huge reason for the explosive population of these fish is the uncontrolled reproductive pattern.

Safe sterilization of fish can be difficult, but if done, it can reduce the quantity of Asian Carp in any lake or reservoir in an empathic manner. Do you support this method? Let us know in the comments.

Why Must Asian Carp Be Controlled in the US and Canada?

The Asian Carp is relatively new to the North American environment compared to the original species that have lived here for millions of years.

These fish are significant (up to 4 or 5 feet) and can be up to 100 lbs. Each breeding season, the female Carp lays as many as a million eggs, several of which hatch, and then the population keeps increasing geometrically.

In China, the original home of the Asian Carp, many big predators keep the Asian Carp in check. Without such a food web, these species are as uncontrolled as ever.

The Asian Carp consumes the food of other species, such as plankton, insect larvae, etc., at 40% of their body weight daily. They are also eating up fish eggs, further reducing the reproductive quality of endangered North American species.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Are Asian Carp Dominating Rivers and Lakes in the Upper Midwest?

Ans: The Asian Carp are a foreign species with no natural predators to keep them in control in North America. At the same time, these fish can consume 40% of their body weight in a single feeding session and produce as many as 1,000,000,000 eggs at a time.

Q2. Is the Asian Carp Able to Survive in Saltwater?

Ans: The Asian Carp can survive in fresh and saltwater and bodies of different pH levels. They are also well adapted to temperature fluctuations, making them practically impossible to eradicate.

Q3. What Does the Asian Carp Eat?

Ans: The Juvenile Asian Carp feeds on plankton. Adults can eat anything from insect larvae and fish eggs to aquatic plants and microorganisms.

Wrapping Up

Controlling the rapidly breeding populations of the Asian Carp fish is a great way to foster the growth of other aquatic animals and even some birds.

Thankfully, this does not need a lot of effort and can be done manually by following a few simple steps. Fishing and consuming Asian Carp is a natural and sustainable alternative in the US and Canada!

This was our concise but comprehensive take on the seven best solutions on ‘How To Get Rid of Asian Carp in A Lake?’. What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below.