Why Horse Racing Is Not Cruel?

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You are probably reading this right now because you recently attended a horse race, and as you sat there on the bleachers, you just couldn’t join in with all the loud cheers as you pitied the poor horse till someone told you not to worry, for the horse is okay. 

While you were relieved, you also wanted to make sure that is how you landed here. 

Well, in that case, you are on the right page, for here are some of the reasons why horse racing is not cruel. 

Why Horse Racing Is Not Cruel

Why horse racing is not cruel? In the snow, there are riders on horses riding their horses.

While it can be cruel, not being cruel depends solely on you. 

Yes, a day at the ring could be a wonderful experience for a rider, the people coming to watch with their family, and finally, the horse. 

However, it is important to make sure that no one is hard on the horse, which is just another animal with emotions and feelings and needs to be treated respectfully. 

In that case, there is nothing cruel about horse racing. 

Is It Cruel To Race A Horse?

It depends, so the honest answer is yes and no.

When a horse does not want to race, it will let you know, maybe not with words, but in his actions, he will show. 

He will refuse to move, planting his feet firmly on the ground like an adamant child and refusing to go. 

In that case, what do you do? Well, if you are going to take a whip and get him to go, that becomes cruel. 

If you love your horse, forget about the prize you have in mind and just respect him. You can coax him at the most, but nothing more than this. 

The sad truth is that not all owners get a horse because they love it, but they love its rides, and that’s when they can get cruel.

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How Might Horse Racing Be Cruel?

Now that you read the above, here are some of the things that owners do that make horse racing cruel:

Striking the Horse – You may have been familiar with owners driving the horse with a whip. 

While some say that it’s okay, it is only when you are using the right kind of whip. Make sure that the whip you use is soft and padded to not inflict pain on the poor horse and hurt him. 

Overtraining – Horses are not born to be running on a race track. True, they love galloping and don’t have a problem carrying you, but spending long hours teaching them some stereotypical behaviors is cruel. 

It doesn’t matter what the experts say. These are not things that a horse is meant to go through. 

Is Horse Riding Hurting the Horse?

They can experience pain and discomfort, so one has to be sensitive and respectful. 

This is especially true if a rider is too heavy for them. So, if you, as a rider, are on the heavier side, make sure that you get a heavier horse. 

Or if you already have one that is small and puny, you need to put in some effort to lose weight. 

There’s an advantage to that. The horse will now gallop with you faster, considering he now has a much lighter you. 

See, if you are too hard on a horse, chances are that he can become lame. Poor creature. You feel for him too, don’t you? 

Do Horses Enjoy Racing?

Horses don’t mind racing and, in some cases, even love the sport. After all, they are doing their favorite thing, galloping. 

Know that there is still something known as good training, one in which you establish with your horse a close bond and friendship. 

A good trainer is one who first sees the basic needs of the horse and addresses them effectively. 

They work closely with the horse each day to establish the right form of understanding, learning about its traits and moods and finding better ways to motivate him. 

A good jockey can read the mind and heart of his horse and treat him likewise. 

Do Horses Understand A Race?

If there is one thing that you need to know, it is that animals have a language, too, and can sense and understand the things that are happening around them. 

So, if your horse knows that you are in a race, chances are that he, too, would want to win with you. 

However, all this is true only if you are a good jockey. There, now you know what you have to do. 

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Do Horses Know If They Win?

Again, the answer is the same as above. You know what? You should watch the movie Black Beauty or at least read the book

Most horse lovers love what they get from it, and if you are one, so will you. 

Coming back to the point, if you ever watch a horse race, you too will be able to sense this as you watch the horses galloping to overtake one another, probably even trying to please their owner. 

Again, it all depends on the kind of jockey you are. You’ll be a good one, won’t you?

What Is the Negative Of Horse Riding?

The negative is that it can be tiring, but again, if you are a good jockey, you will know how to take care of this, how to understand your horse’s feelings and prepare him likewise, yet without hurting him. 

This calls for the right kind of training, like horse lessons every day, that will strengthen him into the fast and energetic horse you want him to be. 

All this requires time and energy, and if you don’t have either, don’t consider horse riding because, in that case, horse riding becomes cruel. 

FAQs: Why Horse Racing Is Not Cruel?

Q1. Do Horses Love Their Riders?

Ans: Horses can form strong bonds with their riders and show affection, but their capacity for love is uncertain.

Q2. Do Horses Like Being Ridden?

Ans: It’s like this. Horses love galloping, and as you saw above, horses love the companionship of humans. Both, put together, clearly mean that horses like being ridden.

Do Horses Enjoy Humans?

Oh yes, and they can indeed build some strong bonds with humans. So, if you are human, your horse will love you too. So, make sure that you are human in your dealing with a horse and not a beast that is going to annoy the poor animal.