Can We Keep Horse Statue At Home? Meaning Of A Horse Statue Indoors

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Since horses have been such an integral part of human civilization for millennia now, it is only natural they hold such an important place in both traditional and modern household decor.

But the question among modern homemakers still remains: can we keep horse statue at home, and in which scenario can it have harmful effects on family members or pets?

Can We Keep Horse Statue At Home: Horse Feng Shui

Black and White Picture of a Horse Figurine on a Wooden Surface.

Can we keep horse statues at home?

According to Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra texts, a home horse statue isn’t harmful. On the contrary, when rightly placed, statues can bring prosperity, victory, and wealth in all areas of life. 

In most ancient cultures, the horse is believed to be a powerful and positive creature, an animal that has been helping humankind to achieve success for centuries. The horse is also a signifier of growth and movement, essential spiritual components for a satisfied life. 

So, can we keep horse statues at home and enjoy and unlock hidden spiritual potential? Absolutely! 

Ancient Feng Shui wasn’t all just religious knowledge; this field of study revolved (and continues to do so) around the effect that certain things have on human psychology. Horses are our friends – seeing a shining, regal statue of a hardworking and progressive animal has a very straightforward positive effect on the minds of the members living in that house. 

This statue can subconsciously motivate you to work hard and achieve all the things that seem impossible today.

Benefits Of Keeping A Horse Statue At Home

The benefits of keeping a horse statue at home are multifold. The horse statue stands guard against any negative energy, especially the flow of feelings like lethargy, demotivation, or lack of enthusiasm. Feng Shui points out that a horse can rejuvenate the soul and bring out a spirit of adventure and exploration through the everyday opportunities of life.

  • Awaken your masculine traits: The horse symbolizes conventionally masculine traits. Both men and women have masculine traits, and when it comes to taking initiative in the workplace or household setting, masculine traits can come in handy.
  • Build extraversion: The Yang energy makes an individual more aware of their surroundings. The aura of extraversion makes it easy for other people to notice you and even engage with you in relatively new settings.
  • Peace and stability in the household: The horse also symbolizes peace and stability. Peace is in the peace of mind and confidence in one’s choices and path in life. This also brings harmony within the household. Stability refers to how the growth or progress is steady and unchanging.
  • Fame, wealth, and success: The active and intellectually sharpened senses of a person living in the presence of a horse image or statue undoubtedly attract all aspects of prosperity – fame, success, and wealth.
  • Protection against risks: Not only does Yang Energy encourage individuals to take risks, but it also protects them against the negative aspects of an uncertain decision. 
  • Endurance and resilience: No creature or magical Mantra has the power to completely eradicate bad times. But keeping a horse in your house will make sure that you can patiently work against all the downs of life and bounce back victorious.

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Single Horse Statue At Home – What Does It Signify?

An Ornate Horse Head Statue

A single horse is regarded as an auspicious statue. The horse, especially if made out of metal or marble, is an embodiment of resilience and ambition. Remember, horses have been helpers in both farming and war – hence, they are associated with both creation and destruction. 

Additionally, a single horse in Feng Shui holds together all the yang energy of the household. Yang energy is traditionally associated with masculine attributes like activity, courage, brightness, and passion. 

A single horse can depict the fire element, too. The fire element can awaken hidden dreams and, at the same time, bring an attitude of self-care and self-growth among the members living in your home.

Can We Keep Multiple Horse Statues In Our House?

The auspiciousness of a single heart statue does not mean you should keep your horse collection confined to one, however. Horse statues and paintings are compatible with each other, which means you can easily store as many of them as you want. 

Two horse statues together signify a strong bond between partners. Three horses bring luck in career and finance. Seven horses together represent the different elements of consciousness – this has also been talked about in detail in Bhagavad Gita.

Horse Statue Colour – Balancing The Energies

Horses of all colors are beautiful, of course. According to the academia of spirits, the color of a horse can affect the energy it brings out in your household. 

Both Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui support the color white for your host statue over anything else. In ancient Indian religion, the white horse signified purity, peace, and excellence. In China, the white horse was related to the flow of money.

A gold horse is also a great choice. Gold horses act as treasury keepers, essentially guarding the strength and excellence that you already have achieved.

Where To Place A Horse Statue?

White Horse Statue in Low Angle Shot

According to Feng Shui, homeowners should place the horse statue next to the southern wall of their homes.

Can we keep the horse statue at home next to the eastern wall? In Vastu Shastra, you will find recommendations for owners of seven horse statues to keep them together next to the southern wall, northern wall, or eastern wall.

The southern wall attracts success and fame, while the Northern wall attracts physical and mental prosperity. The eastern wall is a powerful focal point to facilitate career growth.

Which Way Should A Horse Statue Face?

The most important thing to note is that a horse statue should never face a window or a door!

A horse statue should be kept next to the southern wall, and the face of the horse should always be turned towards the south as well. If the horse statue must face diagonally, make sure it faces the southern corner. 

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Standing Horse Vs. Running Horse: Which Is Better?

In Vastu Shastra, running or galloping horses have been given precedence over a standing horse. The running horse represents success, stability, and progress. However, both horses represent physical and mental strength. 

Whether you are going for a horse statue or a horse painting, if you want to attract maximum positive energy, it is always good to choose a running horse.

History Of The Horse Statue

In India, horses have always been considered to be a royal animal. Kings and nobles would often erect statues and paintings of their favorite horses. Horses were also given their war monuments. They were a popular choice as accessories as well as companions to nobles who wanted their portraits painted. 

In ancient China, it was believed that horses were a distant relative to dragons. Chinese Buddhism shows horses carrying wealth along with them. Similar to India, they also showed a bearing of nobility. In the Tang dynasty, sancai horses were built, and most of them were war animals. Surprisingly, these horses were depicted standing instead of running. 

Post-Renaissance Europe would also depict the horse – but mostly without a leash or a master, to signify the freedom of the spirit from the shackles of social pressure.

Horse Statue and Chinese Zodiac

There are 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, and the horse is the seventh one. If you are born in a horse year, keeping a horse statue near your desk or the head of your bed can be a good choice. According to the Chinese zodiac, a horse statue for you can be a way to facilitate your inner growth. It will help you become who you truly are!

How do you know if you were born on a horse here? There have been eight horse years in the last century as of now. Everyone born in the years 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, and 2014 is a horse-year person. 

Such people are hardworking, active, and successful. Sometimes, they can also be stubborn and self-centered! But at the same time, they have a strong sense of duty and a deep affection toward the ones closest to them.


In today’s blog, we dove deep into the question, ‘Can we keep horse statues at home?’

The answer we found was simple yet complex – yes, but there are some rules and regulations that will help us awaken the best energy in our household via the auspicious horse statue!

Do you have any about your horse statue that is still unanswered? Let us know in the comment box below!